Jeb Bush And Donald Trump Not Part Of Family Leader Event

electionFormer Florida governor Jeb Bush and Donald Trump will not be attending the Presidential Family Forum in Des Moines. The Family Leader, conservative Christian group, will be hosting the event. Normally, religion and politics do not go hand in hand during holiday feasts. But this time around Republican presidential candidate will answer questions that are said to unveil their character. Vander Plaats is considered to be the evangelical kingmaker and has been endorsing Caucus winners in Iowa. His track record includes Sen Rick Santorum in 2012 and Mike Huckabee in 2008, the former from Pennsylvania and the latter former governor of Arkansas.

Vander Plaats said that Trump wanted an endorsement from him and would take part in the event. Plaat also agreed that he liked Trump for his transparency and authentic character. He added that he was very real. Calling Trump “a tremendous candidate”, Plaats said that it was Trump that pushed the Republicans to take up big issues. If Trump becomes the Republican presidential candidate, he will require evangelical base support informed Vander Plaats. The campaign spokesperson of Trump said that he has a long standing association with South Carolina.


Trump will campaign in Birmingham, Ala, and Spartanburg, SC on Friday. Though, the self examination forum will not be the stronghold of Trump. The questions at the discussion may turn out to be emotional discussing their personal adversities. During this discussion, the true self of the candidates will be revealed, informs Vander Plaats. He said that on Friday evening such questions will be put forth to seven candidates by Frank Luntz, the conservative political consultant, and moderator.

Trump earlier at a Family Leader event in July made a controversial statement during his campaign. At the event, he criticized Arizona Senator John McCain by saying, “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.” Vander Plaats says that Jeb Bush is making a mistake not attending the event. He furthered that the evangelicals played a great role in helping his father and brother win the elections. It is time for Bush to approach them to get some respite for his troubled campaign.

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