Month: <span>April 2020</span>

Your USP (Unique Selling Point)

Operating an online estate sale business is based on how well you can serve on your target market. Your niche doesn’t matter; your service doesn’t matter, what matters most is that you are able to outshine your competition while you give your clients what they want.

The reason that so many Internet-based businesses fail at finding any real success is that they don’t really spend a lot of time figuring out their business’s unique selling position.

It is very important that you know where your service fits into the overall estate sale market and what your target audience thinks about it. Getting the most from your business in the long term depends on how well you can identify the USP for your estate sale business. If you want to see how I present our USP, you can have a look at it here: “When Estate Cash Is The Problem, An Estate Sale Is The Solution!”

Show that your business is ethical and know your own weaknesses. Let’s be real here. Every single business service has at least one weakness because nothing is absolutely perfect. Try to figure out all of your business weaknesses so that you know what you need to improve.

This is going to give you a good idea about what you need to improve so that your USP will be even more obvious. It’s important to know your weaknesses along with your strengths in order to serve your clients in the best possible way.

You have to be able to promise your prospects something new and exciting about your business service if you want them to respond to your offer. If your service is better than similar ones being offered, you have to be able to show people why.

What Makes Your Estate Sale Business Stand Out Among The Competition?

Make as good a promise as you can honestly live up to. Stick to the truth and don’t say anything you can’t back up. Be honest and genuine in your approach.

To conclude, from this article, you can clearly see just how important it is to develop your own USP if you want to keep moving ahead of your competition. If you’re not able to convince a prospective client to contact and hire you, someone else will.

This is why it’s quite important that you choose your business’s USP as soon as you can — if you have not yet already figured it out. If you are just starting your estate sale business, it’s easier because your target market doesn’t yet know you and that means that it will be easier for you to build your USP, and create a position for yourself in the estate sale market.