Domestic Surveillance A Primary Campaign Topic

nsa_screens001_16x9The National Security Agency’s Surveillance programs were alienated until now by presidential candidates, but the scenario is quickly changing now. The ISIS attack on Paris has given a new dimension to national security and electronic privacy. The former Florida governor Jeb Bush sought a restoration of the metadata program as it expires in a few months that is a part of the Patriot Act. He added that it is a safety tool. The NSA program stores hundreds of thousands of phone records and Obama passed a law that will now remove data from the government’s clutches that will happen later this month.

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida had a different view. Calling it a mistake he said to the Wall Street Journal forum that the key issue is voting and informed that two of his colleagues especially Senator Cruz voted against US intelligence programs. Rubio added that such an act will only make America vulnerable. Ted Cruz’s role in the debate on metadata changes was crucial. During the debate, he said that the constitution lays privacy rights in the Fourth Amendment and as far as national security is concerned important tools are maintained. Moreover, it is not a surprise that domestic surveillance has become a hot campaign topic says Vladeck editor of National Security blog.

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