Tree Trimming Service Professionals

Tree Trimming Service Professionals

We always recommend you call a professional to help with your tree trimming needs, but just in case you either want to make a start or have a small job you can manage yourself, we’ve created these mini checklists for DIY tree trimming in San Antonio

Before you begin, remember that tree trimming can be extremely dangerous. Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew, and if at any time you feel the work is causing you physical strain or is posing a risk to your safety, STOP and call a professional Tree Service Company immediately.tree services san antonio

Dangers of Tree Trimming Explained
That brings us nicely to our checklist – the safety list:

Make sure you’re fully hydrated and have plenty of water. Tree trimming is strenuous work and in the San Antonio heat, there’s a real risk of dehydration.
If you’re using a ladder, have a work buddy or use a harness to attach yourself to a secure branch or other static post or pole. Falls from ladders are common and when handling sharp tree trimming equipment, can even be fatal.
Never cut branches above you or which may swing or fall at angles and hit you. This especially applies to heavier branches but should be a consideration no matter what size of tree you’re dealing with.
Keep a first aid kit nearby and a mobile telephone to call for help if you get cut or injured. This should especially be the case when working in an isolated area.
Plan the job to the end. Decide on a game plan and stick to it. Think about any potential hazards and how to eliminate them in advance. Work the job in stages and take regular breaks.
Essential Equipment You Need to Trim Trees
Once you have the basic safety checklist ticked off, you’ll need the following gear to start tree trimming:

Sturdy, secure ladders. If the top of the tree is too high to reach from a standard ladder, don’t risk it. Call a pro and get the job done safely. Make sure the ladder is in good condition and is secure at ground level.
Protective gear. Eye goggles, rip-proof gloves, and boots with steel toes should be a minimum. Also, wear long sleeves, you’ll be surprised how many little nicks and scratches appear on your body even from minor trimming jobs.
Harnesses. Never, ever, climb a ladder without being securely harnessed to something else. Buy good body harnesses from your local hardware store. Your safety and health are worth the investment.
Tree trimming gear. Depending on the types of trees, you may require clippers, saws, and in some cases, a chainsaw. Make sure you know how to safely operate any electrical gear you use.
Waste disposal equipment. All of those trimmings and branches have to go somewhere. Consider renting a trailer or, for smaller jobs, using a wheelbarrow to transport the waste to a compost heap or dump.
As you can see from the above checklists, tree trimming in San Antonio can be extremely complicated and potentially hazardous. That’s exactly why we strongly recommend that you only attempt the smallest of tasks by yourself. For any major work, we would advise you to contact us immediately and have a professional take a look at the job. More information on this website

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