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newsCenter for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research, Founder, and Director, Dr. John Knight says that addiction is turning into a pediatric disease. When questioned addicts on when the habit started the answer are identical, it started when young, during their teens. Despite habits like smoking, alcohol and drugs are decreasing recently in the US, around 8.8 percent of youngsters between the age of 12 and 17 years are using illicit drugs informs 2014 Behavioral Health Barometer for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Youngsters when using drugs can change their brain development turning them into addicts inform Knight. When drugs are being used from a young age, the changes in the brain structure are pronounced. Addiction in the US can be contained if youngster postpones alcohol and drugs. In some parts of the country, teenagers are using drugs at a very early stage. Kids in the recent times are sicker than those compared to the past informs Clinical Supervisor Sara Ellsworth, True North Student Assistance and Treatment Services in Olympia.

Sara adds that last year 700 students were attended from the 44 rural schools in the district. She informs that most of these victims have a history of trauma from domestic violence, sexual abuse, homicide, rape or parental substance abuse. It is also analyzed that over half have at least a mental condition. Another disturbing pattern that is peeking is the use of marijuana or alcohol at a tender age as part of self medication. This turns into an extreme drug habit over a period of time. Kids that are using less are better but those that are crossing the limits are being victimized fast.

Rob Vincent, SAMHSA public health analyst, says that around 10 percent of people in the United States are vulnerable to substance abuse at one point in time or other. These people need therapy, he informs, and the youth find it hard to overcome. Statistics say only 1 of twenty kids get treated of those kids between 12 and 17 that come for a treatment. Health officials have understood the need for early prevention as treatment for drug and alcohol abuse is turning impractical. This is dubbed as Screening, Brief, Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT).

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nsa_screens001_16x9The National Security Agency’s Surveillance programs were alienated until now by presidential candidates, but the scenario is quickly changing now. The ISIS attack on Paris has given a new dimension to national security and electronic privacy. The former Florida governor Jeb Bush sought a restoration of the metadata program as it expires in a few months that is a part of the Patriot Act. He added that it is a safety tool. The NSA program stores hundreds of thousands of phone records and Obama passed a law that will now remove data from the government’s clutches that will happen later this month.

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida had a different view. Calling it a mistake he said to the Wall Street Journal forum that the key issue is voting and informed that two of his colleagues especially Senator Cruz voted against US intelligence programs. Rubio added that such an act will only make America vulnerable. Ted Cruz’s role in the debate on metadata changes was crucial. During the debate, he said that the constitution lays privacy rights in the Fourth Amendment and as far as national security is concerned important tools are maintained. Moreover, it is not a surprise that domestic surveillance has become a hot campaign topic says Vladeck editor of National Security blog.

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