Synthetic Marijuana Poses A Challenge For Rehabs

Incense-like-moves-in-the-country-synthetic-marijuanaPopularly known as K2 or synthetic marijuana that gets its name based on the ingredients used in the drug that are mostly man made with chemicals sprinkled on grass clipping, tea leaves, and plant content are cannabinoids that belong to the psychoactive substance prominent in marijuana. Using this substance can lead to seizures and psychotic episodes. This has become a problem for lawmakers and health care professionals with the incidence of doubling in comparison with last year. The ingredients and effects of this street drug vary largely.

Syracuse University has a new inmate Edwin Santana (52) addicted to a drug called spike. Born in the Bronx, Santana is into a detox program. He is homeless and addicted to heroin. Now for two years he is addicted to spike. Speaking on the drug Santana says that the drug gives him fear. Since the chemical ingredients are changed constantly what to expect after taking spike is unpredictable informs drug enforcement officers. Sometimes they fine tune cannabinoids and other times chemical mixtures are used alter its effects.

Speaking of the symptoms Angel Stanley, the psychiatric nurse informs that patients using Spike are vulnerable to visual hallucination, auditory hallucination, and disorganization thinking. Spike is similar to the pot, and it is sold as synthetic marijuana. This became popular among teenager that want to get high for less. Now older users are also using the drug. People who have problems with life find solace in spike. Spike is not only cheap but effective as well informs an inpatient at Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare.

The challenge lies in treating spike users that constitute of unknown ingredients. Rehab centers are facing problems with treatment procedures. Speaking on this Jeremy Klemanski informs that alcohol, opiate, and cocaine can be treated easily but those with the use of synthetics are tough to treat as the ingredients are unclear.

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