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Plumbing Services – Are You Dealing With Hard Water

Hard water, which is water with high mineral content, can be very damaging to water tanks and piping and acts as a deterrent for creating suds for cleaning clothing and dishes, and in bathing or showering water. Hard water forms deposits causing a build-up of a scale composed of calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, and calcium services - water softeners

Although there is no convincing evidence of hard water having adverse effects on humans, it is often preferable to soften hard water to eliminate the chance of scale build-up and prevent damage. You may wish to opt for a salt-free water softener to eliminate the use of salt for your own personal use as well as for environmental issues.

Salt-free water softeners are actually more like water conditioners, as the chemical makeup of the water is not changed. No salt or chemicals are added to the water.

There are actually a few different methods used in saltless water softeners, with manufacturers claiming proprietary patents. In one method, coils that wrap around the pipe of the incoming water create an energy field or electrical pulses which cause the magnesium and calcium in the water to crystallize and remain in suspension in the water instead of clinging to the walls of pipes, water heaters, showerheads and taps, tanks etc. The crystals flow through the system with the water and out the drain.

Another method is to use magnets on the outsides of the incoming water pipes. The magnets, like the electrical impulses, change the molecular structure of the scale-forming minerals in the water. The result is basically the same, but using slightly different technology and without the use of harsh chemicals or salt.

There is another method called Chelation water softening, which filters the hard water using citrus and other harmless substances, however, it is much more expensive and not as popular.

If you are seriously considering a salt-free water softener system, another consideration may be where to put it in the house. If it is not necessary to condition the water you will be drinking or cooking with, you may only want to use it at the point of use for showers, dishwashers, or water heaters.

soft water
Water purification filter with activated charcoal and other filter substrates

Many salt-free water softener reviews claim these systems do not work, so it is best when looking into purchasing one, that you do your research and go with a reputable manufacturer. Ask questions and find out what other people who have used the salt-free water softeners systems before are saying. Also, it is wise to make sure there is a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

All in all, if you are concerned about the salt you may be using in more conventional systems for your own personal health and for ecological concerns, choosing to use a salt-free water softener system seems like a good option. Many people today are opting for more environmentally green products even if it means a slight compromise.


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Electrical Services – Sustainability

We’re In It for the Long Haul.

Our company has a lengthy history and we plan to be around for a long time to come. Founded in 1967, we began as a humble, family-owned business with a commitment to working diligently and honestly with our customers. More than 45 years later, we know that’s a method that works. Building strong, trusting relationships with our customers and our suppliers is what has made us who we are today, and it’s what will carry us into the future. electricians

We also recognize the fragile state that our planet is in today and the fact that everyone must pitch in to help make our future bright. We are committed to helping the earth not only by using Green practices in our everyday operations but also by providing our customers solutions to reducing their carbon footprint.

Helping You Go Green

As our customer, we consider you our partner in energy conservation. That means we care about how you operate and the kind of impact you are making on the environment. Whether we are your regular service provider or we are just working with you on a special project, we’re always looking for ways you can improve your energy savings. We notice the little things, and we want you to know exactly what’s wasting your energy and how to fix it.

In addition to energy use, the natural resources consumed when light bulbs and fixtures are made can have a major impact on the earth. That’s why we not only install the most environmentally conscious materials in your facilities, we recycle the old materials too

Internal Green Initiatives

As a business and as responsible members of society, we employ a number of practices that allow us to operate in a sustainable manner. Our fleet of vehicles used to service our customers’ facilities is constantly being upgraded so that we are using less fuel and emitting fewer pollutants.

Technology has allowed us all many advancements that can help reduce our carbon footprint, we are excited to be using these tools to reduce our impact on the earth. By using a GPS monitoring system in each of our vehicles, we can track the number of miles each technician drives, ensuring that we are reducing any unnecessary travel. Not only that, but we are now able to use hand-held reporting devices to progressively adjust to a paperless workflow.

As more electrical advancements are made, we will be close behind to make sure we are doing the most we can to make tomorrow even brighter than today.